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Glossary ~ A - Z

Below are some of the common terms that you may find on Runboard.


Account ~ A Runboard account is required to post on any Runboard forum. There are two types of accounts: Basic and Premium.

Administrator ~ A person who has been granted the ability to control and alter the setup of the board, i.e., adding new forums, changing security settings, etc. See also Head Administrator.

AIM ~ AOL (America Online) Instant Messenger.

Akheva ~ The original name for Runboard (now obsolete).

Answermachine ~ The personal greeting message other users will see when they send an Inbox Private Message.

Avatar ~ A personal picture/image that appears below the user name on posts.


BBCode ~ These are tags that can be used in posts to add a URL or image or change the text in some way. These tags can be automatically inserted by using the buttons located to your upper left when posting a message, i.e., the "insert link" or "insert image" buttons.

Blog ~ An abbreviation for Weblog, this is a form of an online diary.

Board ~ A collection of forums, usually based on a specific theme. See also Message Board


Control Panel ~ The area where you can change your user and/or board settings.

Cookie ~ A cookie is a file stored on your computer to allow various websites to "remember" you. Runboard (and other sites)use a cookie to remember your login details when you visit again.

CSS ~ An acronym for Cascading Style Sheets. Style sheets, when attached to documents, describe how the document is displayed or printed. Using CSS is a way to streamline common HTML.


Datahit ~ The provider of Runboard message boards.

Delete ~ This action will completely remove the item, with no way to recover it. (i.e., Board Delete, Forum Delete, Topic Delete, Post Delete or PM Delete)

Description ~ A sentence describing your board and its content for use by search engines.

Desktop ~ The individual's home computer/hard drive.

Discussion ~ A topic or thread


Email ~ Electronic mail that is sent to your mail host.

Emoticon ~ Also known as Smilies or Posticons. Small, expressive images that can be included in a post, i.e., emoticon


FAQ ~ Acronym for Frequently Asked Questions.

Forum ~ A forum generally refers to a particular subject discussion area.

Forum Specific Moderator ~ A user with reduced moderator powers who can only use those powers in a particular forum.


Global User/Global Account ~ A user with an account that allows the user to post on any Runboard forum (subject to individual board settings).


Hall Of Honor ~ (Also known as HOH). A display of the top 500 global users based on the number of posts made and top 20 global users in terms of overall karma points.

Head Adminstrator ~ The board owner. A user who has created a board is in overall control of that board and is able to effect all possible changes to it.

HTML ~ Acronym for HyperText MarkUp Language. Used to create webpages.

Hosted (esp. Images) ~ Images (and other files) that you wish to use on your board or in posts must be hosted on the Internet and cannot be linked directly via your desktop.


Inbox ~ A message box for receiving private messages.

IP Address ~ An address which is assigned to you by your ISP every time you connect to the internet. This information is shown to the board administrators and to Runboard next to your posts (Example 123.456.789.010). However, it is not visible to most users.

ISP ~ Acronym for Internet Service Provider. This is how you connect to the internet. Some examples of Internet Service Providers would be America Online, Earthlink, etc.


Java ~ A programming language for creating internet based programs and applets.

Javascript ~ A programming language that can be used to make webpages more dynamic.


Karma ~ Allows users to rate other users by praising them (+1) or smiting them (-1). An individual's karma is shown under the individual's user name in posts.

Keywords ~ Keywords are picked up by search engines (such as Google) and allow people to find your board based on subject, etc. easily.


Local User ~ User accounts tied to a specific board, allowing the user to post only on a particular forum and having fewer features than global accounts. Creation of local user accounts has been disabled, and local acocunts are no longer offered.


MB ~ Acronym for message board.

Message Board ~ A collection of forums, usually based on a specific theme. See also Board.

Moderator ~ A user who has been granted special access to a board in order to help oversee that board.

MSN ~ MSN (Microsoft) Messenger


Netiquette ~ The accepted etiquette for online behavior.


Offline ~ Not currently connected to the Internet.

Online ~ Currently connected to and browsing on the internet.


PM ~ Acronym for Private Message.

Poll ~ Allows users to vote on a question in new topics.

Popups ~ A particularly annoying form of advertisements in which windows open themselves on screen in an attempt to sell a product. Runboard does NOT generate any advertisement popups on its boards.

Posticons ~ An emoticon that can appear next to a topic title and a reply title. (Example emoticon)

Praise ~ A positive karma rating given by another user raising the karma by +1.

Premium ~ An upgraded, paid account. Premium users and board owners have the option to pay to remove ads and gain extra features. See Here for more details.

Private Message - A message that can be sent to a user's email or inbox.


Q&A ~ Acronym for Questions & Answers


Remote ~ Runboard is a remote message board provider. The board is hosted on a remote server rather than on the user's desktop.

Reply ~ A user's response to a particular topic; a follow-up post.

Runboard ~ This message board provider.

Runboard Staff Member ~ The fine people that make Runboard possible - particularly Thor. emoticon

RunSearch ~ A search engine/directory of all Runboard message boards. emoticon


Signature ~ Appears at the end of every post made by a user.

Smilies ~ See emoticons.

Smite ~ A negative rating by a user that will lower the user's karma rating by -1

Sticky Topic ~ A topic that has been designated to remain at the top of the forum regardless of more recent topics. Often employed for announcements or rules.


Thread ~ A topic that has replies. Thread refers to the flow of discussion as if it could be traced like a string.


URL ~ Acronym for Uniform Resource Locator. Also known as a Hyperlink. An address by which a website is located and identified. (Example

Username ~ A login name/nickname registered by the user to allow them to post on the board.


Visited Links ~ A link to a page the user has already visited and for which a cookie is already stored in the desktop. Usually will be a different color than non-visited links.


WWW ~ Acronym for the World Wide Web. The Internet.


Red X ~ What shows instead of a picture when the picture's image host is down.


Yahoo ~ Yahoo Instant Messenger


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