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Problems Logging In/Viewing Forum

This guide was written to help people who are having problems logging into their Runboard account or are having problems viewing a forum/pages.

Wont Let Me Log In? - If you login in and Runboard says your NOT logged in.
Make sure that Cookies are enabled. In Windows Internet Explorer from the menu; Tools > Internet Options > Privacy Tab > Either lower your security setting to accept cookies or set a custom level and you tick 'Accept cookies'.

Login Error - ! Wrong login or password
This is either caused by an incorrect username or password or both. Alternatively it may be because you are trying to login in with the wrong account type.
If you have a global account (works on all Runboard forums) then you need to login as a global user.
If you are a local user (works on one forum only) then you need to also login as such.

Can't Get Access To A Forum - "Sorry, no access..."
This is normally due to the settings made by the board owner. The message will detail how to gain access. The default is anyone can view but need membership to post.
If you are the board owner; From your Control Panel > Manage Your Board > Security Management > Advanced Security Management > Select Your Board Read/Write Privileges.
NOTE: Specific forums can also have different settings so for example a board may have a Administrator/Moderators Office.

No Longer Logged In - Akheva Switch To Runboard
This is a problem caused by Akheva merging with Runboard.
If you are logged into a Runboard forum (With updated url)
and then switch to an old url
then you will no longer be logged in. Vice versa!

So please update all your url's in Your Favourites and access via the updated urls with the Runboard prefix and therefore avoid this issue.

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